Oops, watch your labels

Well, I know that the term street parade is far from original and could suggest myriad experiences to my readers, but I must confess I didn’t know I was referring to something so specific and so disconnected from my meaning. Someone suggested that of course I must be writing a blog on the famous Zurich techno/rave festival.



While certainly this sounds like and looks like a good time, it’s not exactly the connotation I wanted to suggest. The blog’s name comes from the late great Earl King, New Orleans r & b man extraordinaire.

earlking2.jpg earlking1.jpg

My musical tastes run wide and deep, but New Orleans is at the core, the melding of multiple cultural influences into one great gumbo with its own distinctive sound. New Orleans music, that is, is America. Zurich techno may be fine, but it’s not the street I’m imagining when I refer to the parade. You are, however, free to imagine whatever street turns you on. What kind of parade would it be, otherwise?


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