First Beer of the Year

So, time to get the brewing operation underway for the new year. I was going to start off with a Saison but two things: 1) I really want to make good use of the temperature in my garage right now to play with some lager yeast and 2) I’m a bit out of practice so I’m using extract rather than all grain. I’ll get to the Saison in a bit when I’m back into the swing for all grain. So, I’ve got two beers slated for today and this weekend or early next week, a Pilsner and a Vienna. I know the Vienna sounds like an odd choice but what I really want to do is an Octoberfest style but I think the Vienna will be a little less assertive malt which will make for better early summer drinking when this should be ready. But that’s next anyway. Today, the pilsner. Shooting for a nice clear, crisp Bohemian with a nice body of Saaz hops but not overly aggressive. That’s the vision at least. Here it is:

6 lb Pilsner Extract from Northern Brewer (a really nice Saint Paul homebrew store)

1 1/2 lb Dry Malt Extract

60 minute boil

Boiling hops: 2 oz Saaz, 3.2% and 1 oz Halltauer, 4.2%, in Boil for 45 minutes

Finishing hops: 3/4 oz Saaz for 5 minutes

Wyeast Czech lager yeast

My garage is running about 48 degrees, so that will be my primary fermentation temp once it gets going. I’ve got great hopes for this one; watch for updates here, same bat channel, same bat time.


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