Why brew ale?

So, this temperature thing is much more difficult for lagers than it really seems. It’s rare that I have a space that’s in the right temp. range for lager yeasts. So I’ve been really excited that my garage has been hovering at 48 to 50 degrees. A little low, but in the right range. So, I brewed two beers (see below) trying to make use of the temps when I have them, and the temps outside dipped to 15 to 20 below over the last week. Needless to say the garage dipped a little more than 48 degrees. The last few days it’s been hovering at 35 which is great for lagering but certainly not for the first fermentation. So I brought the beers inside which kind of defeats the purpose. Ales I say are not only more to my style of drinking, they’re just damn easier.


2 Responses to “Why brew ale?”

  1. cbd Says:

    I’ve used a big-ole cooler to mitigate temperature variation. And I know folks who’ve done the same with refrigerators…

    But yeah, I’m not really a lager person. I used to drink a lot of lagers, especially bocks, but not so much any more.

  2. GJF Says:

    I’ve thought about getting an old refrigerator to brew, but I’ve been too lazy or cheap to do it. My problem is I lreally ike certain lagers like Doppelbocks and Oktoberfests, but I only want to brew them at certain times–so I’d only brew a couple lagers a year. So, will the refrigerator help me be ready for those times or do I just make really good ale styles instead? Can’t quite figure it out.

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