Happy Birthday Earl!

The Great Earl King!

Today, February 7, is the great Earl King’s birthday. Had he lived, he would be 78 today. As I’ve mentioned before, the name of this blog comes from his 1972 song/album recorded with the Meters.  I was in New Orleans in 2003 on the day that he died. WWOZ (one of the nation’s great radio stations, along with Minneapolis’s KFAI) played an all-day tribute the day before his own second-line new orleans style funeral. There were some fabulous interviews and I remember one interview talking about how Earl wrote his songs. Apparently, he’d spend all day at the corner donut shop (not the well-known cafe du monde with its beignets but a small shop on Rampart) and he’d sit at the counter drinking coffee, and people would come in, buy him donuts, and he’d write, and he’d talk, and he’d write some more. All that great music coming from the donut shop! I love it. As tribute (and coincidentally close to mardi gras this year as well) I recommend Come On: The Complete Imperial Recordings. Classic American R & B, good to the core.


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