If I knew then, part II…

In an earlier post I mused on my early entry into the delights and wonders of good beer. The second phase occurred a few years later when I was working as a cook at Cafe Brenda in downtown Minneapolis. Saturday nights were “beer club.” We rotated whose turn it was to bring the beer and the goal was to stump the others while we worked. We played a game of 20 questions, yes or no only, to see if the others could figure out the beer. “Is it in a brown bottle?” “Is it from Europe?” “Is it a dark beer?” etc. My scope of beers at that point was still fairly limited, but it got my out looking for new, surprising beers. I spent a lot of pleasant time searching through Surdyk’s and Hennepin Liquors and France Ave Wine shop. After a long night, the usual suspects, Bo “Ramekin” Jacobs, Mike “Canola” Gintert, and I would sit back to enjoy a new beer; MB would join us after her own kind of grueling night (ah the joys of retail for her at the time) and we’d watch the Saturday Night downtown craziness go by. They were the best seats in town and some fine beer. Ahhhh…. Of course the beer we brought would disappear quickly so we would keep going with plenty of Summit from the bar, one of my standards. Beer club went for quite a few years and I sampled quite a few beers that way. Yes, Beer Club. I think it’s time for a revival.


6 Responses to “If I knew then, part II…”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Too bad you live in Iowa. I could go for a beer club.

  2. GJF Says:

    Yea, it is too bad I live in Iowa. It’s going to be hard for me to really drag up the really interested parties like yourself. There’s plenty of interest in wine drinking here (which I have no complaints about myself) but no real interest in good beer. Most of the real beer drinkers I’d like to get a beer club going with are elsewhere. But you know even if it’s me and my wife, that’s a good start! Saturday night, we start with arrogant bastard.

  3. Ramekin Says:

    Fantastic idea. Beer club lives. I’ll start. Yes, it’s in a brown bottle.

  4. GJF Says:

    Yes, beer club lives on! The one and only Ramekin himself has spoken. Of course, it’s been a long time my friend. I’m sure we’ll have to “recalibrate” with a few pints of guinness. Oh, by the way, there’s a Togo order for the Hoff.

  5. Ramekin Says:

    OK, I got it. Sauce on the side.

    You know, the microbrew thing has just not caught on here in Japan. There are a few, they use the term craft beer or local beer here, and they are always German style. But they make up for it with the sake and shochu. I actually belong to a sake club now! We only meet once every two or three months, but it is at a cooking school for a newspaper, and one of us cooks, and the sake brewers from two local breweries bring cases and cases of fresh sake for us to drink. It takes days to recover. We become our own Togo.

  6. GJF Says:

    Oh, man, a sake club–that sounds downright dangerous!
    Hey thinking of the Hoff and Togo, here’s something wacky you might want to see: pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~bmauer/

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