My New Favorite Thing

My favorite thing is a fluid concept, shifting with whatever I’m grooving on at the moment.  So here it is, my favorite thing of the day:


New Zappa material is always a treat, but this one is just sooooo good, from the orchestrated crowd sounds, to the dissonant jazz, to the brilliant flashes of FZ guitar, to his polling the audience to ask whether a song should end as a ballad, a boogie, a march, a polka, etc (the boogie wins).  We hear FZ riffing on Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention era), Duane Allmann, and Carlos Santana in his inimitable pastiche style that, when the chips are down, turns into pure Zappa.  Good stuff, through and through.


3 Responses to “My New Favorite Thing”

  1. drfabulous Says:

    Want to swap zipped files?

    Sleep Dirt? Bongo Fury? Sheik Yer Bouti? Apostrophe? Overnite Sensation? Waka Jawaka? Need any of that?

  2. GJF Says:

    In fact, I do need a copy of Waka Jawaka. I am, however, technologically inept at such things (I’m great at burning a cd, man, but that’s about it…). So, if you want to give me a heads up on how, I’m in.

  3. drfabulous Says:

    he he…if you copy it to your hard drive (iTunes will do it for you on PC or Mac), then you can zip it. The PC has the free winzip program; the Mac has “Create archive” under File. Either case, it’s just a matter of selecting the files and choosing the appropriate zip or create option. Then you have a compressed file that can be emailed or put online somewhere. To unpack, double click the zip and your zip program should be altered to unpack it for you.

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