Birthday Poetry

So, while I may be the poet in my family, it’s no secret that my brother is really the rhyme master; while he’s out there working on those latitude/attitude, orange/door-hinge rhymes, I’m struggling to find a rhyme for room. He’s never really written full poems, though. He generally throws lines out at me and expects me to do the work. But yesterday, I got this gem in an e-mail:

Another year has past,

Gee that was really fast.

Do you feel like you are really old,

Or that your mind has turned to mold,

Well, no need to get morose,

You can always have a piece of toast.

What’s especially amazing is that he told me this barely took a minute to write! I’m thinking of giving up the business altogether. He also said that I’d be welcome to use this in my second book if I want (see, he’s not only a genius, he’s generous too!). Anyway, I thought I’d share this with this world.

I’ve always wondered if you could tell your fortune through the luminaries you share your birthday with. I happen to share a birthday with John Steinbeck, Lawrence Durrell, and jazz great Dexter Gordon. On the other hand, I also share the date with Liz Taylor, Lee Atwater, and Chelsea Clinton. Maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe I should go with those dates closest to mine that I want to connect with: I’m only a day away from Johnny Cash and Fats Domino, only two away from fellow Piscean George Harrison. This works if I just ignore Michael Bolton in there. The whole thing just makes me want a beer…


2 Responses to “Birthday Poetry”

  1. Jon Campbell Says:

    I think you need to stop saying how great your brother is. It’s not good for you. Everyone is talented in their own way. If you keep looking at other people instead of yourself, your going to forget who you are, therefore losing your own artistic abilities. I’m sure your poems are great too! PEACE

  2. GJF Says:

    Hmmm, I’m not sure if it’s my sarcasm or yours that is more impaired.

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