No more weather posts!

I swore when I started this blog I wouldn’t discuss the weather–the cliche of bad conversation. But this winter has been nuts! Today warmed up into the mid 30s and I’m always amazed at how warm a sunny 34 feels after a long round of subzero (as in, is this the same temperature that I was freezing in back in late Oct? Now I’m out in t-shirt soaking up the sun). But the real issue right now is the roads. I just drove down to Iowa City (sure, a stop at John’s Grocery was the plan beyond all the other mundane matters I had to take care of–a few new Jolly Pumpkins for me to try this weekend) and the interstate is just crumbling. We’ve had so much ice, so much serious cold followed by thaws, that the edges of the highway are disintegrating and the middle strip is just one long gulch. Really, if you’re not careful when and how you change lanes, your car can get swallowed up and disappear and no one will find you for six more months. I am prone to exaggeration at times (and sometimes just a touch of sarcasm as one commenter hopefully realized concerning my last post) but really I’ve never seen roads this bad. I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands just to get on the highway. And the in-town roads, holy crap, are like four-wheeling. I’m gonna put a fire in the woodstove, open some beers, watch the snow melt, and I’ll see you in June.


2 Responses to “No more weather posts!”

  1. cbdilger Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with weather posts, especially when the weather is all hoopajoob like it is now. We may see 70° today. Amazing. Sweet, sweet, running in the outdoors. And dare I say outdoors IN THE SUN.

    Our roads are total crap too. I haven’t been biking much because of the Death-Flu, but falling into a pothole and never returning to the light of day seems a possibility.

  2. Michelle Wardlow Says:

    I’m thrilled about our newfound fortune today, but I’m not a bog fan of what’scoming in the nextfew. The thunderstaorms are exciting, will be the first real ones of the season. Not goodto go through in a trailer, but that’s ok. I’m adventurous, until it getstoo bad, then it’stime tohead into one of the surrounding buildings

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