But I Should Be Fair

So, a friend of mine quickly pointed out that my last post was really starting to give the Street Parade and anti-iowa attitude. I can certainly see that’s true, but it’s not really my intent. He correctly pointed out that if I lived elsewhere and were going to visit Iowa I would be raving and excited about The Sanctuary in Iowa City. And it’s true. I love the Sanctuary and it certainly has a better beer list than Piacci’s I mentioned below. But it didn’t even warrant a mention in my last post. All of it’s true; I plead guilty to suffering from a case of glass-half-empty mentality here.

Then again, I guess my point wasn’t really that there was a good beer drinking establishment in California, but I was thinking of it as an example of how they’re everywhere. Not to mention that, well, there’s the ocean and the redwoods, and mountains, blahblahblah. But I know that such thinking risks romanticizing a place (I have many such places in my mind). I mean wildfires and earthquakes scare the hell out of me. And more important, even if I really wanted to live in California, I don’t know how anyone freaking affords it. There’s one nice thing about Iowa: it’s really affordable. We have a beautiful house here with a nice plot of wooded land that I can’t even imagine what it would cost on either coast. A few years back, I had the glimmer of a possibility of a job at UC Santa Cruz; I was pretty excited but I also knew if I got it we’d barely be able to afford the move out there, let alone actually afford a place to live. Even when I imagine moving back to Minneapolis, which is probably our most realistic dream, I feel daunted by the increasing housing costs there. I’m not blind to such realities, I’m just having fun thinking about our upcoming trip and always keeping an eye fixed on the horizon.

Pretty soon after we moved to Iowa from Florida (admittedly a place that took quite awhile for me to fully appreciate, but I got there–now, MB, I’m not sure she ever did so it was good we moved on) I realized that Iowa would not be for us for the long haul. And at times I feel guilty about this desire to move on. I mean, I know the academic market realities (which is an added reason that the brewpub dream hangs on). I have a job that many would kill for; who am I to think I can strike gold twice? But when I’ve shared this feeling with friends over the years, fortunately I keep being reminded of two things: 1) knowing you have it good and imagining other possibilities are not mutually exclusive (wanting something more or different does not mean I’m not grateful for what I have) and 2) as one friend put it, “you’re always going to be restless, Glenn. It’s just who you are.” So, indeed, just pardon that eye that’s always roving; it’s not a blind eye, but sometimes it can be a bit myopic.


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