Notes from CA, part I: MPLS

Just back from a fabulous trip to California. Amazing scenery, great hiking, and some outrageous–and I mean outrageous–beers. Too much I’m still thinking about for a good update, so I’ll be posting my thoughts and experiences in little snippets as I go, working somewhat chronologically, but who knows. So oddly, my first note won’t actually deal with California at all, but Minneapolis.

As a twenty-some-year vegetarian, I’ll say that airports are pretty much the bane of my food life. Sure, it’s at least getting easier to find the veggie and/or black bean burger in airports, but at airport prices it’s pretty pathetic. Our flight out took us through our old stomping grounds in Minnesota, and I was happy to see that the airport has really gotten a facelift and one of our old bakeries, the New French Cafe, has put several restaurants into the airport. Friday evening, thirsty and hungry, we stumbled onto it like a beacon of hope. Tempeh Reubens among other veggie friendly dishes. Tempeh and airports are an oxymoron. A great salad on the side, Summit on tap, all at pretty reasonable fare (reasonable as airports go, of course). Is this a sign of things to come? We loved Minneapolis, but we never really thought of it as cutting edge, but for veggie airport food it sure felt like it. It seemed a good sign of food and drink experiences to come on our adventures and that proved true indeed. California beer and food reviews to come soon enough.


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