Beer Hunter Shame

I am so ashamed, so guilt-ridden, so painfully without a clue: it appears that last week was National American Craft Beer week and I didn’t raise a single toast to the fine brewers around the country. How had I not known? It actually took Stephen Colbert to let me know. True, I did drink plenty of homebrew (hey–it’s American crafted isn’t it?) and I did fortunately have some Lagunitas still in reserve from California which we opened on Saturday, but nothing intentional. By god, I’m giving Joey at South Bay a call right now and ordering me some Russian River and some Bear Republic and some Alesmith and some Stone and some….

Sorry honey but we don’t really need to pay the mortgage this month, do we?


One Response to “Beer Hunter Shame”

  1. cbd Says:

    I didn’t know, either. But I made up for it yesterday buying stuff from Steve’s in Madison. $250 and I didn’t even break a sweat. I coulda spent three times had we more room in the Subaru… more about it soon.

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