Today’s Tripel

Brewed a Belgian Tripel today.  My first.  Lots of malt and sugar for a big beer.  I wanted one of those pale but sweet and yeasty brews like the St. Bernardus tripel.  One of my favorites.  The brewing went really well, but it looks a good bit darker than I intended.  The malt flavor, though, seems really solid and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  But it’s a big beer, so maybe for the holidays?

Here’s the day’s recipe:

1/2 lb Dingeman’s Carapils steeped in 1 gallon of 170 degree water for an hour and sparged with 1 gallon 170 degree water
9.5 lbs Northern Brewer Gold malt syrup
1 lb clear Belgian candi sugar
Enough water to get a full 6 gallon boil
.5 oz of 17% Summit hops boiled for 60 minutes
.5 oz 3.8% Saaz hops for 5 minutes
.5 oz 3.8% Saaz hops for 1 minute
Cooled to 80 degrees
Pitched a 2 cup starter of Wyeast Trappist high gravity yeast
Original Gravity = 1.066
Will ferment in my basement which is running about 70 degrees

As I say, it tastes like I would imagine at this point, but it doesn’t really look like I imagine. Nevertheless, an exciting new beer for me. Next up, a hybrid steam/oktoberfest. I want to brew an oktoberfest, but I don’t have the temperature or time to use a lager yeast at this point. The Steam yeast though can still give me that nice clear, rich malt profile, so I’ll go with that. Hopefully I can brew one next week. ‘Till then, Prost.



3 Responses to “Today’s Tripel”

  1. Jake Says:

    Hey, I’m just wondering your opinion on if you lean more toward longer in the fermenter or bottle aging for this recipe? I guess the question is…what were your time frames for primary/secondary fermentation and bottling. Might sound like a new brewer question (but I’m new to this brewing thing!)

  2. GJF Says:

    Well welcome to the world of brewing Jake. I’ve just started sampling this beer and it’s really tasty. More like a traditional trappist than a real tripel it turns out, but yummy. It was in a primary fermenter for about a week, a secondary fermenter for two weeks, and now been bottled for about 3 weeks. It will age really nicely in the bottle so if I can keep from drinking it, it will pay off, but I really like it and want to drink it! If you want to brew a nice trappist style ale, this recipe really is worth a shot.

  3. Jake Says:

    Hey thanks for the advice!

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