I had no intention of writing a blog about the weather.  Then, last winter was so intense that I couldn’t help writing about the snow piled up against our door. And it kept coming and I kept commenting on it, seeing that our life was pretty consumed with ice and snow and twenty below for several months straight.  But I figured it was just one of those years and I deserved to dwell on it a bit, but I’d get past it.  Then we had the floods that rose up in large part from all the snow we had, and well I had to talk about the floods.  But that too was an anomaly, worth talking about but I’d move on from the weather.  Well, I’m here to say that today the weather went from a beautiful sunny late October sunday morning to an ominous gray windy late novemberish afternoon to, you guessed it, snow this evening.  No accumulation or anything, but it definitely took me by surprise.  We’ve barely gotten the roads straightened out from the abyssal potholes from last year and the snow is knocking on our door.  Hmmm, am I ready?  Let me put that Bear Republic stout that I’ve been saving into the fridge and I’ll get back to ya.

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