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OK, it’s actually a post about old music, but new to me.  MB got me a copy of Badfoot Brown and the Bunions Bradford Funeral Marching Band for Christmas and it’s becoming a regular in the playlist.  Badfoot Brown is actually Bill Cosby and this is an instrumental album originally released in 1971.  The album consists of two long instrumental fusion tracks in the vein of Bitches Brew.  At times fusion, at times pure funk groove, at times dissonant jazz, at times psychedelic weirdness, and at times all of the above at the same time.   It’s clearly got strains of Bitches Brew and some of the insistent repetition of In A Silent Way in it, and a bit of Sun Ra to boot, but this isn’t just to say it’s just derivative avant-jazz; it has its own wonderful funky sound altogether.  Personnel are not listed and there are different reports of who plays on this album but the Village voice among other point to Charles Wright’s Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (of “Express Yourself” fame) as the most likely band members beyond Cosby himself on piano.  I have long enjoyed the Bill Cosby/Quincy Jones “Original Jam Sessions 1969” with the likes of Eddie Harris, Les McCann, Jimmy Smith, and Milt Jackson. It’s an album that shows the range of jazz that Cosby truly loved; but the Badfoot Brown opens a whole new dimension, Cosby at the helm of some true funk genius. The Jam Sessions album was clearly a compilation of diverse music; this is one solid groove. Yes, the Cosby of today may not appreciate the attention this album is receiving with its re-release (I think he’d rather forget that era in light of his current mindset and politics), but it’s one of my new favorite things and worth a good listen.



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