Reliving the Floods

We went to see the photo exhibit of the 2008 Iowa floods in the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.  The photos were in the Gazette, so I’d seen most of them, but it was pretty impressive to see them in large scale en masse.  Brought back a lot of emotions from the time and was a good reminder of how far this town still has to go to recover. Gov. Chet Culver has been praised for his fast and decisive actions, and I just don’t get it. This is the guy that absolutely refused to call a special session of the legislature and so now in session we’re still waffling with funding issues. With the national economic crisis it only gets worse. Sorry folks, my sense is that the Iowa government has done fairly close to nothing to make sure that recovery money is getting to the folks who need it.  And some of the overhead shots in the photo display really are good reminders of just how much of this town was affected.  Miles and miles of submerged housing and businesses.  Many of the shots are still on the gazette site.  It’s not like seeing them in wall-sized displays, but still a good reminder.  Try here or here.



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