It’s Carnival Time

It’s been a long, long couple of weeks, but last night was a good way to let it all unwind. MB and I went to the beneffit show for the Englert Theater in Iowa City with Dr. John and the Neville Brothers. Some amazing funk, jazz, soul, r&b etc. It was a cold, snowy night (two hours to get the 30 miles down to Iowa City for us) but it was all steamy New Orleans inside.  Dr. John was his typical voodoo self. The Nevilles were lacking Art and no horns, but they were on fire. A special night indeed with a bit of Mardi Gras in the icy reaches of Iowa. Time for me to cook up a big batch of my gumbo (I know, I know, that you scoff at a vegetarian dish, anathema to the very spirit of gumbo you say, but I reject your spite until you taste my gumbo…).  Last night was just what the dr. (John or otherwise) ordered to dance away some stress.


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