The Sinkholes of March

So I was walking around my backyard the other day and the earth opened up and swallowed me into this chest-deep sinkhole.  I used to think about such things a lot in Florida where this is more common, but I’ve never even considered the ground collapsing on me here in Iowa. Notice in the pictures that you can see the tunnels down at the bottom of the hole.  I’m pretty sure (judging from the other weird indentations around our yard now) that there’s a honeycomb of caves working their way under our yard. This is actually down a hill in my backyard, so I’m just hoping it’s all down the hill and not under our house–I now have pictures of a gaping hole opening up and dragging our house into it.


I should have taken pictures after I removed the sod still hanging from the sides as it’s a much more impressive hole than you can really see here.  But frankly, once I got started in trying to fix this thing, pictures were the last thing I cared about.  A hole like this is actually a massive volume of dirt. So, now this week’s question for my loyal readers is how many marbles does it take to fill a sinkhole? Consolation question: how many sinkholes does it take to fill the Albert Hall?



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