The Street Parade Returns to KRNL

The Street Parade has been on a several year hiatus from radio, but it has returned this fall, Tuesday afternoons from 5-6 on 89.7, KRNL from Cornell in Mount Vernon (or at least 3 out of 4 weeks–depending on how department meetings go on the 4th week). Feel free to listen here–unless you happen to be one of my many readers here in the 20 mile radius and can actually get it on the radio.

Here is the playlist from week 1, Sept. 29, 2009:

Earl King “The Street Parade”
James Booker “Make a Better World”
Allen Toussaint “Mr. Can Can”
Dr. John “A World I Never Made”
Curtis Mayfield “People Get Ready”
George Harrison “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)”
Dr. Lonnie Smith “Jack Ass”
Dr. Lonnie Smith “Where It’s At”
Les McCann “Let it Lay”
Les McCann “North Carolina”
Wild Magnolias “Brother John is Gone / Herc-Jolly-John”
Eddie Bo “When the Saints Go Marching In”
Earl King “Street Parade”

Yes, a few glitches in there. I was going to play the funky Lonnie Smith’s “Where It’s At” with the extended funk Jam “North Carolina” back to back, but I was having trouble getting the right songs cued so, well, I just went with it and played a couple others. They sounded good anyway. And it turns out at the moment there’s only one CD player in the station which means I can’t cue up the next song, so I’m fumbling for a new CD between songs which is a bit clunky, but it’s college radio, you know?

I won’t be around next week for the show since I’ll be in North Carolina, but I’ll be back on the air, Tuesday Oct. 13. See ya then!


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