MB and I were offered some last-minute, complimentary tickets to Brewnost, the benefit for the National Czech and Slovak museum in Cedar Rapids (thanks much Matt and Michelle!). The event is now in the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art because the Czech building was completely ruined in the floods last summer. I’m not sure what the future is as that location will most likely become “green” area in the new Cedar Rapids map.

We’ve always wanted to go but it’s a bit pricey for an event at which vegetarians can’t eat anything and in which the beer list is a bit questionable for us (yes, I know it’s a benefit, but….). The beer list is pretty much eastern european lagers which don’t do that much more for me than Budweiser. Sure, they have some more malt to them and more hop profile, but then the hops for most of these beers are a bit worn by the time they hit our shelves. I usually say, eh.

And so it was in fact partly what I expected. No food for veggies, and a list of light eastern european beers. There were more beers than what is generally advertised, though. Boulevard had its smokestack series there. Millstream had its beers. There was a guy who just 5 months ago started a brewery in his garage outside Janesville (Briar Patch). It wasn’t great, but I definitely liked it and would buy it. I don’t know how he got on the list frankly, but it was nice to see a new brewer out there just brewing that recipe he perfected as a homebrewer. Cheers to that. So we found some good beer sampling. But mostly, it was nice to see such a well-attended and festive benefit. The art museum was packed and everyone was definitely having a good time. The silent auction seemed like it was going really well.  A fun night and a good sign for the continuation of this cultural landmark in the land of eastern european heritage.


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