Haiti Benefit, Part II

We were treated to a fabulous event of music and poetry the other night. The evening began with music by Cornell’s living & learning music group “Octave.” They played a set of jazz tunes as the crowd congregated, followed by a set of more experimental music at the intermission.

We then heard brief readings from both Kiki Petrosino and Patrick Rosal. You can see their bios in the previous post.

But no doubt the highlight of the evening was after the intermission. After a raffle, silent auction and more music by Octave, Patrick and Kiki gave an impromptu collaborative reading with the two poets going back and forth, choosing poems sparked by the previous poet’s poem. Theme and image bounced back and forth, sometimes directly, sometimes obliquely, but always throwing the individual’s work in a new light as we listened through the lens of the previous poem. The energy between the readers was incredible and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed this lively, spontaneous reading.  One of the finest events I’ve been proud to be a part of at Cornell.  Many thanks to Kiki and Patrick for the wonderful evening. And now I’m especially looking forward to having Patrick on campus when he teaches an advanced poetry course for us, “Strangers on a Personal Level.” Will be a great addition to next year’s curriculum.


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