Happy B-Day Dr. John!

Dr. John in Vienne France, 2006

Yes, the Street Parade is a few days behind schedule on one of its important dates. Dr. John, Mac Rebenack, celebrated his 70th birthday on Nov. 21 and the Street Parade wishes him a happy one.

I remember when I was a teenager, all I knew of Dr. John for many years was his wonderful rendition of “Such a Night,” on the Band’s Last Waltz. I had no idea really of how important he is as a musician for probably a decade until, in my mid-20s I was fortunately turned on to his real body of work. New Orleans second line music, rhythm & blues, a touch of psychedelia and you get amazing albums like “Gris-Gris,” “Gumbo” and “In the Right Place” (recorded with the Meters and Allen Toussaint).  As a session musician, he has recorded with the Rolling Stones, the Band, the Meters, Van Morrison, Carly Simon, and the Neville Brothers among others. He has become the voice of New Orleans, and to celebrate his birthday, here’s a little sample of his bad muppet voodoo self from the early 70s:



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