Reading on Sabbatical

Here it is readers, your chance to help me design my courses. One of my goals over sabbatical is to read some new work to help me reinvigorate a few of my classes. At the top of my list are two classes I’ll teach next year, Contemporary Poetry and Advanced Poetry Writing. I of course have a huge list I know that I can draw from and I’ve got a pretty good working list of things I want to read that might be useful for the course, but I’m hoping people might suggest some things so that maybe I get pushed in some new directions. Go ahead, all you avid street parade poetry readers: what do you like? What do you think I should be reading/teaching? And blah, blah, blah as far as debates over whether it’s “great” poetry or not (whatever the heck that would mean)or whether it serves some ideological agenda or not. What do you think is fun to read, or what would be fun to explore in a classroom?



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