Act and Empower

I’m happy to say we’ve just confirmed travel plans for me to travel to Uganda with the non-profit Act and Empower. This non-profit is working to improve the lives of the marginalized and impoverished Batwa pygmies. I’m not sure where my work will lead me, but my plan is to collect stories from Batwa villages, folktales and contemporary experiences. My good friend Kurt Koefod is coming too to document the Batwa in photographs. Together we hope that we can put together a collection of stories and images to help bring their plight to greater awareness. It’s a very exciting adventure and I hope we can do at least a little good. I am sure over the next months I will blog about this experience a good bit. In the meantime, please take a look at the website here. They’re doing good, important work.  With little education, no land, no social or political power, and a nearly 50% mortality rate for children under 5, the situation for the Batwa is critical,  so please give if you can–a little bit can go a long way.


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