Blizzard Brewing

I knew if I started brewing toward spring (see my last post) then maybe we’d get some good winter weather. Sure enough, a blizzard is rolling into the state. We may be just on the north edge of real snow accumulations, but this could be a pretty good one. Right now they’re saying about 10-12″ here. That’s not a bad way to start February, a little excitement to help carry us through the winter.  The snow has just started this afternoon and should kick in tomorrow and go through wednesday morning.  But I’m still on a spring brewing kick. I’m off to Africa here in a few weeks, so I’m stocking up on some beers that can benefit from a few weeks of secondary aging so I can bottle when I get back and have beer ready for spring. This one’s a light session beer, a low alcohol farmhouse style that should be great for those warm spring days when I’m getting the garden in shape–I can already smell that wonderful compost and dirt.

For now, here’s today’s recipe:

— 0.5 lbs Gambrinus Honey Malt, steeped  20 minutes in 1 gallon 170 degree water. Sparged with a gallon room temp water.

— 6.3  lbs Pilsen malt syrup
— 1 lb Pilsen dry malt extract
— 1 oz German Tradition hops, 6.9% (60 min)
— 1 oz French Strisselspalt, 2.9% (15 min)
— 1 Tbsp Irish moss (15 min)
— 1 cup malto dextrin (15 min)
— 1 oz French Strisselspalt, 2.9% (5 min)

— Wyeat 3725 Bier de Garde (special release).
— 1 oz calcium carbonate for yeast, aerated well.

OG: 1.043

I’m pretty excited to try this Wyeast (I tasted my starter and frankly it was yummy just by itself–can’t wait to see what it does with malt and hops in its mix). Might have to save some and do a few brews out of it if it works well.

Enjoy the blizzard everyone!!


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One Response to “Blizzard Brewing”

  1. Bradley Dilger Says:

    They are saying 16-21″ for us! The university is closed today and I bet tomorrow as well. It’s snowing lightly now, powdery stuff, and the wind is picking up. If I had some viable yeast, I’d put down a beer. Hrm, maybe I should make another Belgian… I could pitch on top of the cake of this blonde… at the least, I can do some serious bottle washing and organizing, in between kid wrangling.

    Africa? Wow! Where? Did you write about that already?

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