Africa, Part I

Well, we’ve returned from Uganda. It was an overwhelming experience I’m still trying to sort through. Earlier, I said I’d probably give a day-by-day account after the fact (since I really couldn’t blog while I was there) but I don’t think that’s what I’ll do. I’m sifting through all my notes trying to pull out the relevant material, but it’s difficult to do. It’s such a different world.

The first thing I want to do, though, is post a few photos of the Batwa. I was struck meeting these people at how open and generous they were in the face of lives that would simply grind most of us down. I was simultaneously depressed and uplifted by their experiences, living in utter poverty but persevering and still able to sing. Here are a few photos of the Batwa in their communities:

My friend Kurt who went along as photographer will have many more, and much better, shots than I have that we’ll share when ready. I’ve also got video I will share in due time, but I need to figure out how to edit first. I’m also slowly working through transcribing the stories I recorded while I was there and I’ll share as I work on them, so plenty of material I’ll be posting here about our adventures. Stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to check out Act and Empower to see the work they’re doing with the Batwa.


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