Brewing Furious or Furious Brewing

You gotta love May. The apple and plum trees in our yard are in bloom. Spinach is coming up. Orioles, Grosbeaks, and Hummingbirds are all at the feeders. And the temperature’s warm enough to move the brewery outside. So, I’m sitting here with my laptop in the sun as today’s beer boils away.

Northern Brewer in Saint Paul (where I generally get my ingredients) has a “Pro Series” beer that is supposedly THE Surly Furious recipe, straight from Surly. So rather than concoct my own beer, I figured I had to give this a try. The recipe seemed fairly straightforward, a medium body IPA with plenty of hops, bordering on what CBD referred to with one of his recent beers, an “irresponsible” amount of hops. But it wasn’t until I really got into the brewing that I realized what pushed this over the edge into true Surly territory (you’ll see). Here’s the recipe:

4.1 gallons of water at 164 degrees in preheated cooler/mash tun.
8.5 lbs Canada malting pale ale malt (this is bumped a little bit higher than the recipe since I’m using a batch sparge)
3.25 lbs Simpsons Golden Promise
.88 lbs Simpsons medium crystal
.63 lbs Belgian aromatic malt
.125 Simpsons roasted barley

Target rest was 153 degrees. I was at about 156 so I added some cool water which lowered it to about 151, not perfect but certainly OK. Note to self: be a little more patient with the mash before adjusting the temperature. I think if I had waited just a little more that 156 would probably have settled out to a perfect 153 or 154 degrees.  At 30 minutes, I heated up about 2 quarts of the mash and added it back which raised the temp to about 155.

4.25 gallons 170 degree water in 2 batches.
Batch 1, added and let sit as a mash out for about 10 minutes.
Proceeded to sparge at full speed until I collected 6 gallons of wort.
I Tbsp of gypsum added to each batch of sparge water.

.5 oz Amarillo 8.2%, 60 minutes
1.75 oz Warrior 17.2% 60 minutes
1 oz Amarillo, 8.2% 10 minutes
1 0z Amarillow, end of boil
1 c. malto-dextrin, 10 minutes
1 Tbsp irish moss, 10 minutes

I added 1 Tbsp of calcium carbonate for yeast and pitched a quart starter of Wyeast 1335, British Ale Yeast (this surprised me for an American style IPA, but I’ll do what they say).

O.G. 1.060 (a little light for the recipe, but respectable)

Dry Hop:
Here’s where it gets a little insane. When I read the recipe it simply said dry hop with “furious hop blend” for 7-14 days and I figured this was the part they kept secret. OK, I’ll add an ounce or two of whatever mystery hop they give me. But the package of hops actually lists the ingredients and amounts. This is crazy:

5 oz Simcoe!!
2.5 oz Ahtanum
.5 oz Warrior
.5 oz Amarillo

Are you kidding me?! 8.5 oz of strong hops as a dry hop addition? If it wasn’t listed as Surly’s own recipe, I’d think Northern Brewer had gone crazy. Really. This is a scary amount of dry hops, but then again, Surly is not your everyday beer so it will be fun to see how this goes. I’ll add it to my secondary in about a week.

I’ve previously mentioned the wonders of batch sparging. I did this brew as a batch sparge and it went really well. The gravity is slightly under the recipe, but not bad. Just a slight loss of efficiency. But the gain in time and flexibility is amazing. The traditional sparging used to mean I’d spend almost 6 hours for an all-grain brew. This one took me less than 4 hours. More importantly, I spent far less time with the beer. Traditional sparging demands a lot of attention; with this beer I spent most of my time writing as the beer did its thing. A few flurries of activity and then it would sit some more. Brewing beer and writing, isn’t that what sabbatical should be about?


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4 Responses to “Brewing Furious or Furious Brewing”

  1. cbd Says:

    A half pound of hops for dryhopping for six gallons at 1.060? Now THAT is irresponsible!

    • GJF Says:

      It’s crazy, isn’t it? I’m having a hard time imagining it, but I’ll jump off the cliff with Surly. Putting it in secondary tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes. We’ll have to get together to try it when it’s ready.

      • cbd Says:

        I would love to do that. I’ll send you our summer travel schedule.

        Hoping to make another IPA tomorrow. Maybe I’ll lob in the half pound of Cascade I have left…

  2. cbd Says:

    Oh, and you remind me that I need to get my hummingbird feeders out, too.

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