About Me

My name is Glenn Freeman, and I am an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and American Literature at Cornell College in tiny Mount Vernon, Iowa. I live in Cedar Rapids with my lovely wife MB and our two cats, Dizzy and Otis.  I write here about whatever interests me, which mostly comes down to beer, poetry, music, and a little bit of academia.

More info at my lazily put together web page that is due some serious work.

6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Monte Says:

    Greetings, Glenn – I came across your blog on Tag Surfer on WordPress tonight. Glad you survived the flood intact. I live in Washington, IA, just down Highway 1 from Mt Vernon. Though we are strongly impacted by Iowa City, and many of our people went to Columbus Junction to help sandbag, we, too, are dumbfounded but dry.

  2. backamp Says:

    Go Gators!

  3. biggeytimey Says:

    Hey Glenn,
    It’s Gabe from Cornell. I was checking out your Cornell webpage and found this. It’s quite delighting. Glad to see you have this going. I wish I would have seen it earlier.

  4. Dave Lufkin Says:

    Glenn: Greetings from an old fellow TJ alum. How are you doing? Love the writing…

  5. GJF Says:

    Dave! What a surprise. Great to hear from you.

  6. Mike Says:

    I happened across this blog by accident as I was searching Frank Zappa and your happy-birthday entry came up. This is all very interesting. Pizza on the grill is indeed a challenge; I’ve never attempted actual raw dough, but have had much luck using Pita bread as the crust.

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