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Spring Brewing: Russian River cloning

May 1, 2008

Happy May Day All!

In honor, I have cleaned out my garage and am brewing a big, strong IPA. I had not intended to brew an IPA right now (but it’s always on my slate of beers to brew, as it’s my favorite when all the chips are down), but my recent visit to Russian River and my taste of Pliny the Elder and my many tastes of Lagunitas Maximus really inspired me for a big beer. I’m not really trying to clone it, as it seems beyond the pale, but I am trying to go big and hoppy.

Here’s today’s recipe:

1 lb Briess Victory Malt, steeped in 150 degree walter, sparged with a gallon 170 degree
9.5 lbs. Northern Brewer Pale Malt
1 oz Target Hops, 13.9 % boiled for 90 minutes
1/2 oz Target Hops, 13.9% boiled for 45 minutes
1 oz Challenger Hops, 7.0% boiled for 15 minutes
1/2 oz Cascade Hops for final 2 minutes of boil
1/2 oz Cascade Hops, dry-hopped
1 c. malto-dextrine for final 15 minutes of boil
1 Tbsp Irish Moss final 2 minutes
One pint starter of Wyeast 1332, Northwest Yeast, pitched at 75 degrees. O.G. = 1.064

I name this one the Albert Hofmann Memorial IPA. Big, bold, and darn near psychedelic:


Rest in Peace