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Happy Birthday Bob

May 25, 2009

The Street Parade has let its birthday watch go lately and hasn’t posted any for quite awhile.  Today’s is a biggie, though.  A happy 68th birthday to Bob Dylan, born May 24, 1941.


daniel Kramer

Usually I give a bit of bio background on anyone whose birthday I post but I trust that anyone who would be reading the Street Parade is fully aware of all the relevant Bob Dylan info. So, I’ll just wish him a happy one. The suggested listening is of course really difficult. Far too much stuff to even know where to begin. I’ve been listening to Dylan all day, a 2 hour Dylan tribute with Cousin Demetri on WWOZ this afternoon and then as much of my own catalog as I could get through. Whatever you’ve got, well listen to it. But I haven’t really listened to his 1975 Rolling Thunder bootleg in quite awhile (I believe it’s #5 in his bootleg series from a few years ago) and it was a nice surprise this afternoon. Some strange rearrangements of old classic material. So what the heck I’ll throw a recommendation in for that.  But as I say, listen to it all, listen to it loud.  And in the meantime, here is some of my favorite Dylan footage. From Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz with the Band, watch Rick Danko in the middle of this try to figure out where Dylan’s going: