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Pine Leaf Boys

January 21, 2008

Good cajun music last night. I don’t know if they know that pines don’t have leaves, but the Pine Leaf Boys are some of the best cajun I’ve seen in awhile (and I know some of you might be thinking how difficult is that?–but I am a huge cajun fan and these guys rocked). Both traditional and funky at the same time. They, of course, learned that Iowa can be a sedate place, especially I suppose when it’s 5 below out side–none of that drunken hanging from the rafters screaming shouting dancing from the bayous here. As a friend of mine said, “No music makes me want to move more than this–yet I don’t.” I find this pretty true for me. I’m a head-bobbin’, foot-stompin’, doin’-just-fine-drinkin-here-in-my-seat-thank-you-much kind of guy. But for all those that say I have to dance to enjoy the music: I hold my appreciation of every kind of music imaginable up to pretty much anyone. Maybe the Koefod excluded. Dancing, remember, is a state of mind, and I dance just fine thank you very much. I do, however, find the sedateness of Iowa crowds a little depressing at times. One way or another, we should have torn the roof off that place last night. A pleasant night of great music nonetheless.

As many of you know I don’t feel a great deal of love for my current home town, but Legion Arts is one of the great spaces/organizations/states of mind of Cedar Rapids in particular, but really in all of Iowa–maybe even the country. Volunteer run, a fabulous arts space and a solid series of music fall through spring (no AC, so no summer shows). A lot of cajun, blues, world music, performance artists, etc. It’s a bit of Minneapolis lite for the midwest–we get many of the same shows as The Cedar in MPLS as artists work through the midwest, but without the long lines and thick crowds. Good stuff, even here in Iowa.