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Happy 90th Dave Brubeck

December 14, 2010

The Street Parade wants to wish a very happy 90th birthday to jazz giant Dave Brubeck, still young and going strong. Brubeck was born Dec. 6, 1920 in Concord, CA. His most well-known piece, “Take Five” (written by his musical cohort and jazz pioneer saxophonist Paul Desmond) showcased Brubeck’s and Desmond’s interest in experimenting with time signature. “Take Five” was written in 5/4 time, “Pick Up Sticks” is in 6/4, “Unsquare Dance” is in 7/4, and “Blue Rondo a la Turk” is in 9/8.  More importantly than his experimentation with time signatures is Brubeck’s ability to counterpoint different times within a single piece, often having the drums work in one time signature while he played piano in another, creating an idiom that is all his own. He has received well-earned accolades throughout his career, most recently receiving Kennedy Center Honors in 2009, an honorary Doctor of Music Decgree at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2009, an honorary Doctor of Music Degree from the George Washingt0n University in 2010, and the Miles Davis Award at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in 2010.  Brubeck is still a vital musical force and the Street Parade wishes him many more years of jazz. Here he is in Germany in 1966 playing “40 Days”: