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August 19, 2008

My careful editor friend pointed out several glaring errors in my last post:

1) “It would be possible to know that nothing has even happened.”  Ok, yes, yes, I was writing ahead of myself.  How about “it would be possible to think nothing has happened” if you live outside the flood zone, or “it would be possible to not know what has happened elsewhere” or, or, or…  It’s true, if I’m going to call myself a writer I should be more careful.

2) A 1968 Harvey Keitel movie?  OK, this one at least is just a typo.  Finding Graceland is from 1988.

3) I suppose it was kind of strange to put a Harvey Keitel video in a post that was really about Elvis Presley.  So here’s Elvis doing the same song in 1970:

And just for comparison, here he is in 1957:

OK, enough Elvis.  Soon, a post on the important musical figures he actually got (stole many would say) his music from.