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And Another Big Birthday

May 26, 2009

In my last post, I wished happy birthday to Bob Dylan.  That’s a birthday I’ve known for a long time. I had no idea that his birthday was so close to another huge musical milestone, though. Tomorrow is the birthday of jazz genius Miles Davis. Many thanks to Pete Lee on Bop Street on KFAI for letting me know this historical date.

Miles Davis(p)1988 Fantasy, Inc.

Miles was born May 26, 1926 in Illinois and died September 28, 1991 in Santa Monica California.  As with Dylan, I trust that any readers of the Street Parade know the astounding influence he had on music of all kinds and I won’t replay it all here. So the question is what do I suggest for a tribute. I love it all from his Birth of Cool to his Kind of Blue to his work with Coltrane to his electric fusion–it’s all great and you can’t go wrong.  Generally, I suggest a classic album to pay tribute to a musician, but here’s what I recommend for Miles: put on 4 discs continuous: Jack Johnson, In a Silent Way, and both discs of  Bitches Brew. Now turn it up loud and let yourself sink into a jazz meditation for several hours. If you come through the other side unchanged, well, your mind is far more twisted already than mine. Enjoy.  And, just to get you rolling, here is some classic Miles from the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. My wife who isn’t really a fan of the fusion Miles (much preferring the Birth of Cool era) watched the documentary of his Isle of Wight festival and walked away fairly glazed and dazed muttering, “oh, I get it…”