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Pizza on the Grill

July 15, 2009

In my last post, I mentioned my friend John had visited over the 4th of July. John is the master of pizza on the grill. Many a grilled pizza at parties in Minneapolis. I hadn’t done any pizza on the grill this summer yet and his visit got me thinking about them so I cooked some up the other night. Now John does individual pizzas. I’ve gotten pretty good at these (but still not like the master!), but what I’ve always wanted to work on was a full-sized pizza. To do this on your backyard grill presents a range of challenges. The consistency of the dough to transfer well onto the grill is key and the temperature of the coals is crucial. I’ve had some bad disasters over the years working (and some minor successes as well) toward my goal. I’d say this last round means I’ve finally figured out the nuances of the larger pizza on the grill as it came out just as I’ve envisioned them all these years. Here’s to more pizza soon!


And, oh yeah, a late Happy Bastille Day to all–now go out and drink some french wine!