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Happy Birthday Garth Hudson!

August 2, 2008

The Street Parade wishes a happy birthday to one of its favorite musicians. The inimitable organ player and creative genius of the band, Garth Hudson turns 71 years young today.

Garth always hid behind his stack of organs and such, shunning the spotlight, so he never got the recognition that, say, Robbie Robertson got.  But the Band could not have been the Band without Garth.  His is the element that brings all those different Americana elements together and casts them into its own strange light.  Garth was always the mad-scientist looking guy behind the band, with the stagelights streaming through his wild hair.  Here’s a little vintage footage of them back in the 70s:

For your listening pleasure today, I recommend the Band’s “Rock of Ages.”  Turn up Garth’s jazzy improv “The Genetic Method” really loud and enjoy.

Here’s to many happy returns Garth!